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Google Ad Campaigns

Do you want your business to show up for specific keywords? With Google Ad Words we can get your business on the front page of Google!

What Can Google Ads Do For Your Business?

Brand Recognition

With Google Ads you will be able to get your business name in front of thousands of potential customers!

Increase Your Website Traffic!

Google Ads will allow your website to get increased clicks from a PPC campaign!

Increased Sales

Your business will be able to generate more by setting up a PPC campaign that leads to a sales page!

Generate Leads

One way that you can use a Google Ad campaign is to collect leads by sending clicks to a landing page with a contact form!

Show Off Your Products Or Services!

By running a Google Ad Campaign that uses YouTube ads, you will be able to show off your products to potential clients!

Increase Your Calls!

Google Ads will be able to increase your businesses calls by running a campaign with a click to call extension!

More Calls!

With just one simple call to Mega Media Solutions, we will be able to set you up with a Google Ads Account and start getting your business more calls!

How Do Google Ads Work?

Google Ads is vey simple in theory, but in practice it is not.

Google Ads works by companies bidding on how much they are willing to pay per click for a certain keyword.

Once these companies make these bids, ads are written keyword that the companies want to show up for.

After the ads are written, Google assigns each of the ads a “Quality Score”. This quality score is the rating that Google gives the ad based on the wording, links, landing pages and all other information related to that ad.

Finally, the ad with the best combination of bid and ad quality will show up for the keyword!