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Local Business Listings

Having incorrect businesses information online could be hurting your website rankings and your business’ revenue! Get your information corrected today by using our local business listings services!

Take Control Of Your Listings

With just a click of a button, you will be able to fix all of your incorrect information on the top 70 business directories!

What Can Local Business Listings Do For Your Business?

Fix Incorrect Information

Our local business listing services will allow you to correct any incorrect information on the top 75 business directories!

Increase Website Traffic

After being submitted to the top 75 directories, potential clients will be able to more easily find your website!

Increase Calls

Your business will see an increased number of calls every month once you are submitted to all of the top listings. This is because clients searching for your business on another site will be able to find you!

Increased Website Rankings

Local listings will help your local rankings on Google by up to 10%.

Increase In-Person Visits

With the click for directions feature on many business listings that you will be submitted to, your clients will be able to easily visit your business!

Create Backlinks

Being submitted to the top 75 of these directories will give your business a backlink on each of the sites!

Why Choose Us?

Other vendors, including data aggregators, will submit your data to sites across the web —but this does not guarantee those sites will use it! Only our platform gives you true control of your digital presence.

  • When sites do accept submitted data, it can often take months to update. Only our platform allows you to update your listings in real time.
  • Aggregators only submit the most basic data, and don’t send rich content like photos, videos, menus, product lists, staff bios, or event calendars.
  • They can’t fix all duplicate listings, which leaves you at major SEO risk.
  • They also can’t get feedback on the status of a listing, which means you’ll never know how your digital presence is performing.